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Boost the performance of your residential or commercial HVAC system with our range of services. Our team is here to provide quality air duct cleaning services to give you a healthier, cleaner environment.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A clean, lint-free dryer vent is crucial for your clothes dryer's efficiency and to reduce the likelihood of your lint exhaust catching on fire. If you smell smoke, require multiple dry cycles, or notice a decrease in your dryer's heat, contact us today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning!

Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning and Sanitation 

Our skilled professionals connect a powerful TurboJet Super Max vacuum to your air duct system near the furnace. A rotor-brush then runs through every register loosening dust and debris, which is quickly removed by the vacuum. Finally, the system is sanitized using a fogger. We use an HVAC-approved hypoallergenic sanitizer that eliminates dust, mold, mildew, fungus, pet dander, and microscopic organisms that can cause respiratory problems and odors. Our certified professionals then clean and test the furnace and replace the air filter.

Don’t let dust and other contaminants circulate throughout your space. Let the professionals at American Air Care clean your ductworks! Whether it’s for your commercial space or residential home, our team is here to provide quality air duct cleaning services for healthier and cleaner air. Contact us today!

Google Nest Installation

American Air Care offers FREE installation with purchase of any Google Nest Products. Your new smart device will be professionally installed, and our certified technicians will walk you through hardware and software setup steps. 

Our Full Service Air Duct Cleaning Includes:

Clean Air Duct/Supply Vents

Sanitize and Disinfect Duct Supply Vents

Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect and Inspect Blower and Intake Box (Furnace Unit)

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Standard Filter Replacement

 Filters for Each Register Vent

All Air Supply Floor/Ceiling Registers & Cold Air Return Grills Are Hand Washed

Why is it important to use disinfectant and sanitizer 

during air duct cleaning?

Applying disinfectant after a duct cleaning can help kill the germs, viruses, and other contaminants that the rotobrush cleaner doesn't remove.  It will also ensure that your ducts are the absolute cleanest that they've ever been.  The sanitizer will coat the inside of your system with a protective coating that will help prevent germs and viruses from getting inside and dispersing throughout your home.

The hypoallergenic sanitizer is sprayed into the ductwork system using a spray nozzle as shown in photo above.  The primary goal of every air duct cleaning is to remove as much dust and debris as possible and to disinfect the air ducts to kill germs, viruses and any other allergens accumulated inside your ductwork.

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